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Consent form for walking experience



Thank you for reading,

Please sign your consent when you arrive on the day of your visit.


























以上の内容に □同意します


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Consent form for walking experience



●The walking destination is inside Utsubo Park.

Please be careful not to cross paths with others on the sidewalk or to avoid bicycles

passing by from behind.


Regarding contact with other dogs, Please only bring dogs that are about the same size as the dog you are walking (small dogs). Avoid contact with medium-sized and large dogs as this may lead to injury.


●Please do not give your dog any food other than the snacks provided at the store during your walk.


●Various things are falling on the road. There may also be leftover food or broken bottles.

Please be careful.


●If your dog poops during a walk, be sure to collect it in a bag.

Please take it back to the store. If you urinate, be sure to pour water over it.


●If your dog gets injured during a walk or runs away and cannot be found, we will pay the entire treatment fee until the injury is completely healed, and if the dog is lost or dies, we will pay for the dog. Please note that you will be charged. Please note that the same applies to damage or loss of rental equipment.


●If there is a violation of the terms of the agreement, we may refuse your next use. 


◻︎ I agree to the above contents



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